Thermal Precision Industrial Cooling Systems

Dry Fluid Coolers utilize a sealed, pressurized closed loop system that provides a clean, efficient, and low maintenance solution to industrial cooling applications. Dry coolers utilize ambient air to dissipate heat, Warm water/glycol fluid is recalculated from the heat load through a finned tube heat exchanger while ambient air is drawn across the coil circuit. Thermal Precision Dry Fluid coolers are sized to match your heat load under the most demanding conditions.
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A Packaged Evaporative Cooler System is the answer to cooling needs in high ambient temperature locations using temperature sensitive equipment. Thermal Precision Evaporative Fluid Coolers consist of a tube bundle, spray pump, and cooling fan. The tube bundle is sprayed with water while a water glycol solution circulates through the tube bundle. Heat exchange occurs from the tube bundle to the spray water and is dissipated with the evaporation of the water.
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In instances where open, contact water is unavoidable, Thermal Precision offers a complete line of open tower packages with fan cycling for precise temperature control; plus any and all options necessary for your particular application. Options include two speed fan motors, water storage tanks, and pan heaters. Stainless steel and fiber reinforced polyester (FRP) housing is available for reliable, extended life operation.
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The center of all cooling systems is the pump station; the primary control device. The design of the pump station is of critical importance for the control and performance of your system. Improper pump station design can cause serious problems ranging from high installation costs, to excessive downtime, and years of inefficient operation. The quality of our pump station is second to none.
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